Welcome to my new website and to Words at Work, a blog that I hope will be as diverse as the topics I explore every day.

If you’ve looked at my home page, you know that I write and edit, and that I also do public relations consulting. I intend to use this blog to share my projects with you, and to keep you posted on the achievements of my PR clients.

Because I have experience in both journalism and public relations, I plan to offer you my insights on both fields, especially when I see examples of good (or not so good) PR work having an impact on how a story plays out in the media.

My special interests are government, politics, education, history and business, so you’ll find some of that in this space from time to time.

I hope you find it interesting and that you come back regularly. As I share my thoughts, I hope you will see how I can really make words work for you.

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