Ice Cream Treat


One of the great things about my work is that you never know what you’re getting into — there can be a surprise every day.

I knew quite a bit about the history of the Old Fashioned Ice Cream Festival at Rockwood, so I was pleased to sign on with Barry Schlecker and his Barry’s Events team to help promote one of Delaware’s most enjoyable annual events. Barry likes to call it “Delaware’s largest family picnic,” and I think he’s absolutely right.

What I wasn’t expecting was Barry getting a call midway through our planning process from a producer for the Food Network, asking about featuring the Ice Cream Festival on one of their new shows, “Eating America.” We jumped at the opportunity, creating a “Best Sundae on Sunday” competition that would become the centerpiece of our episode.

The presence of a live TV crew complicated some of our planning. We faced a challenge, for example, finding a room on the Rockwood grounds large enough for the entire crew to stash its equipment, eat its meals and take breaks during the festival’s two hot sunny days. We met just about all their specs — but couldn’t provide a room with a door that locked. The solution: post one of our festival volunteers in the room for both days of the festival. That worked.

To accommodate the TV crew, we also had to tweak our plans for judging the contest. Two of our judges wound up on what I dubbed the “B Team,” doing their sampling off-camera while three others got starring roles. All were good sports about it.

I got to spend most of contest day hanging out alongside the TV crew, essentially making sure they had the right-of-way on festival grounds while they were filming. All went well, and a friend even took a picture of me with “Eating America” host Anthony Anderson.

And now we wait to hear when our episode will air on the Food Network. Stay tuned.






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